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[ most of the above sites also have videos ]

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  The best way for you to show your appreciation for these women is to put a paycheck in their pockets. You can do this by purchasing a membership subscription.

  You can likewise support them by not visiting user uploaded tubes. These particular tube sites stream videos without permission. This results in lost subscription sales that force websites to shut down and put models out of work.


Pencil Drawing Nudes



  Drawing from photos is easiest when your sketch paper and reference photograph are of equal size. This greatly reduces overall figure distortion. Nowadays it is easy to print custom sized photos from your computer or laptop. You can even print screen captures from paused HD videos or DVDS.

  A sheet of plain white card stock underneath your drawing hand not only helps prevent smudging, but can also be used as a ruler to establish accurate distances. Just lay it across your photograph and mark the edge with your drawing pencil.

  Tracing photographs will cause your ladies to appear generic or even cartoonish as the subtle curves of their figures are overlooked. Using card stock as a ruler will always produce a more precise drawing than tracing.

  Draw softly and any mistakes made can be easily erased. When you obsess about making mistakes, your drawing hand becomes rigid. As the pressure of the pencil tip against the paper increases, lines and shadings become more difficult to erase. Just relax and take it for granted your drawing will be completed without having to start over from scratch.

  However, I do suggest drawing faces to a point that you are satisfied before moving on to the rest of the body. Faces often require the most detail that you don't want to put off until the last moment. If the face does not turn out to your liking, better for this to happen before too much time and effort is invested.

  Make sure your sketch paper is clean of debris. Spray the finished artwork with a few light coats of Krylon Workable Fixatif to prevent future smudgings or deteriorations. This product will prevent you from erasing, yet allow you to make necessary additions.

  If you have difficulty obtaining this product, Krylon Crystal Clear Satin will suffice, but should only be used when artwork is completely finished. Once spray coated, you will NOT be able to make alterations.

  With the above advice, practice and patience - you'll be able to draw realistic female bodies topless or completely undressed. The four example sketches I provided would be more detailed had I done them on 11 X 14 inch or larger paper and would appear even more realistic on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

  Those examples were done on 8.5 X 11 inch paper from a sketchbook I purchased at Wal-Mart for less than $9. I used ordinary writing pencils manufactured by The Write Dudes that cost 10 cents each. You do not need fancy and expensive art supplies.

  Many of my drawings are done with the sketchbook in my lap as I sit next to my wife on the sofa while the television is on.

  Now, here are the most important pieces of advice I can give you.

  Sketch what you see with your eyes. Avoid drawing what you think you should be drawing. Do not improvise. Rely on the exact details in your photo rather than vague notions in your mind. This is the difference between drawing the unique female model in a photo and generic looking ladies that usually result from most gimmicky step by step tutorials.

  You will be staring at your reference photo for hours, then looking at your finished artwork for a lifetime. So draw what is pleasing to your eyes by sketching subjects that you enjoy looking at. Little petite ladies, full figured girls, flat chested, larged breasted, blondes, brunettes, redheads - whatever you like.

  Do not draw females of different races, shapes and ages for the sake of political correctness or out of fear of being perceived as shallow or perverted. Bending to the expectations of others is being shallow. If your model preference is college age girls in their late teens to early twenties, then draw them. Drawing a 1:1 likeness of a human body at any age to the best of your ability is not perverted.

  Being sexually attracted to young ladies because they look underage IS perverted. If you find yourself enamored with models sporting braces and pigtails or frequently visit websites that market young ladies as teenies, then you should seriously consider having a psychological intervention.

  Do not concern yourself with trying to create photorealistic drawings, which are usually done on oversized canvasses. You may have stumbled upon these while browsing Tumblr blogs or Pinterest boards. Such optical illusions usually require anywhere from 10 to 50 hours of labor, some of which are even painstakingly plotted out on graph paper to ensure that every detail is to scale.

  If your intent is to create lifelike images, it would be easier to become a photographer. If you enjoy creating drawings that actually look somewhat realistic in under 5 hours, you have a healthy hobby. Should any of those drawings turn out to be photorealistic, I would then consider you to be a talented artist.

  The above is all you really need to know about drawing. Attending art classes, sketching life drawing models live in person or anatomy studies are not necessary. Anyone can draw. The key to successful drawing is simply knowing what to avoid doing while you are drawing.

  And if you are like me and find traditional academic style poses boring, then check out the female model photography sites and sample galleries listed on this page. I try to recommend sites that are female friendly and respectful of women. All the girls modeling on these sites are ages 18+ and of legal age to be posing without their clothes on, with documentation to prove it.

  As you can see from my recommendations, I have little interest in drawing so called sexy glamour models with fake boobs who are painted with enough cosmetics to fill a pharmacy shelf. I am more interested in drawing a wide variety of natural bodies with real feminine figures, which are seldom found on the typical adult blog or teen babe TGP ( thumbnail Gallery post ).

  If I could only recommend one artistic nude photography site to subscribe to, it would be Rylsky Art.

  Below are some handpicked photos you could print out and practice drawing with.


Writing Erotic Poetry


  My other fun hobby involving erotica is writing about it, which is much easier and less time consuming than drawing. And likewise with drawing, I am a self taught writer. I did not follow any rules in creating my own poetry and song lyrics, other than what I am about to tell you.

  Give the average person reading your work his or her money's worth of entertainment in one pass.

  Far too often do poets write only for other poets who are conditioned to seek out hidden meanings and explore symbolism. It is elitist, not too mention annoying and explains why the average person is so fucking bored to tears with "poetry".

  If you are withholding information and forcing readers to guess what your writing is about, then you are not writing poems. You are writing riddles, which is even more annoying than just being an poetic elitist douche.

  If you give anyone their money's worth of entertainment, they will read a poem more than once. During the second pass, readers may pick up on the greater dimensions of a poem that were not readily apparent during the first reading. These greater dimensions will further enhance the writing - inspiring readers to read it a third time, then a fourth, fifth and so forth.

  Bluntly put, no one should have to read your poem more than once to understand what the fuck you are saying.

  When it comes to writing erotic poetry, less is always more. Erotic poetry is for experiencing with your mind. Describing what two or more naked people are physically doing to each other is a guaranteed snoozefest. A porn video describes nothing - you just experience it as is with your eyes.

  What you are aroused by, why you are aroused and what it reminds you of when watching porn is a far more interesting subject to write about than giving the reader a play by play report of the actually sexual activity involved.


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